Ways A Divorce Attorney Could Help With A No-Fault Divorce

Ways A Divorce Attorney Could Help With A No-Fault Divorce

Couples who no longer want to be married do not have to prove their spouse did something wrong during the marriage in order to get divorced. In fact, no-fault divorce laws in Virginia are very lenient and allow couples the ability to end their marriage simply after living apart for up to one year. A no-fault divorce may be appropriate in situations where the spouses merely want to move on with their lives separately and don’t want to go through a costly or stressful trial. A divorce attorney may advise a client to choose this option when they want to get the process over with quickly. Although it isn’t possible in all cases, a no-fault divorce is generally the fastest way to end a marriage. However, there are instances where a fault divorce is the best way to solve issues and help the spouse who was wronged get what they deserve.

By avoiding a trial, a married couple can keep more of the money they had before they decided to get divorced. Although a no-fault divorce requires the couple to live separately for at least six months, most couples continue to have marital assets during this time. A divorce will help them divide their real estate, business interests, and other assets. Couples who are able to come to an agreement regarding the division of their assets and debts, with or without the assistance of their attorneys, can avoid the court making those decisions for them.

In cases where a couple is unable to agree on how their assets and debts should be divided and a divorce attorney is not able to negotiate a settlement both parties can agree on, a court may have to do it on their behalf. When a judge divides assets, they don’t often take the sentimental value of the property into account. Instead, they make decisions based on what is fair and equitable. Divorcing spouses who have an emotional attachment to any of their marital assets might have a better chance of having them awarded in the divorce if they hire an attorney such as P. Scott De Bruin rather than taking the case before a judge. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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