Western Purses: Western Gear Is Back in Fashion This Year

After years in which “minimal” fashion ruled the day, clothes and accessories with a more ornamental vibe have come back in fashion, and with a vengeance. And nothing has captured this trend better than the current craze for Western-themed fashion accessories.

It seems that these Old West style items capture a fondness among millennials and members of Generation-X for the cowboys-and-Indians pop culture of their youth. Cowboy boots, Indian patterned jewelry, and even Western purses are all popular sellers these days.

Here’s a look at some the fashion items at the forefront of this Old West craze:

1. Wallets and Handbags

Overwhelmingly, these accessories are beaded and bejeweled in patterns reminiscent of frontier Indian tribes. Western purses and wallets come in a wide range of colors and patterns, ranging from the dark blues and greens of the forest to oranges and pinks of the southwestern desert. But all of them are covered in natural colors, and all use designs that buyers will immediately recognize as “Old West.”

2. Cowboy Boots

No item is more emblematic of the West than the cowboy boot, which was popular among 19th century American ranchers, and has remained popular in certain parts of America ever since. The cowboy boot has come in and out of mainstream fashion frequently over the years, and it’s currently making a decisive comeback. Even in places like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, it has become common to see well-dressed people walking down the sidewalk, proudly wearing their cowboy kickers. Most popular are the pointed toe leather models than can double as work boots and dress boots, and the rounded toe moccasin models that are influenced by so-called “Indian” fashion.

3. Bracelets and Jewelry

Of course, any fashion trend brings along a raft of similarly themed jewelry. The latest Western fashion craze is no different. As frontier boots and bags have become trendy, people have also started wearing silver and beaded jewelry that hearkens back to the days of cowboys and Indians.

Common items include ornately carved silver bracelets and beaded armbands and anklets. Silver pieces tend to be large, but feature very minute detailing. Bead pieces are similarly detailed, although they tend to be eye-catching more for their varied colors, and less for the overall intricacy of their patterns.

Necklaces are also very popular. Some of the bestsellers are “rope” necklaces, which are designed to the echo bolo ties and hand-woven pieces that would have been worn on the real frontier. Many of these include large decorative crosses, but also non-religious variations with flowers, horses, and other western-style insignia are also popular.

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