What a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL Already Knows About Malpractice

For some reason, people think medical malpractice lawsuits are more common than they really are, but what they don’t know is that lawyers are very careful when it comes to vetting malpractice cases. A medical malpractice attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL can’t waste time on frivolous claims, in fact, some research has shown that about three out of four requests for malpractice cases are turned down by attorneys. Understand that sometimes lawyers misjudge cases; people can very well have legitimate cases and be turned away. This is why people who really believe they have a case should keep seeking out legal guidance.

How Many People Are Actually Victims of Malpractice?

There is some evidence to suggest that less than 20 percent of the people who are injured by medical malpractice actually try to get compensation. According to some sources, almost 100,000 Americans die yearly because of medical mistakes that could have easily been prevented, and those are just the deaths; there are also many others who are injured or permanently disabled due to malpractice. So if so many people are victims of medical malpractice why do such cases make up less than five percent of all lawsuits? Some people just don’t think their doctors did anything wrong, others may feel pressure not to go through with civil action. People can handle being injured in different ways, or they may also feel legal action is too expensive.

Is Getting Compensation Expensive?

Some people don’t want to hire Gene T. Moore or any other medical malpractice attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL because they think lawyers are too expensive. Although it is true that lawyers are paid handsomely for their efforts, those who work with malpractice cases tend to use contingency fees, which means that victims don’t have to pay anything upfront in order to file lawsuits. Malpractice victims still have to read the fine print because in some cases, they may have to pay for expenses even if the case isn’t won, and those can be thousands of dollars.

People who suspect they have been victims of malpractice won’t know for sure until they talk to a few lawyers. Since there are statute of limitations in place, people should contact lawyers as soon as possible.

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