What a Truck Accidents Attorney in Vermont Wants You to Know About Personal Injury

Getting into an accident with a truck is never a light matter for the smaller vehicle. In addition to the smaller vehicle being crushed, drivers and passengers in that vehicle usually end up sustaining injuries or sometimes even fatalities. The injured parties may want to hire a lawyer to help them find out what all their options are. There is a truck accidents attorney in Essex Junction, Vermont who has been helping parties injured in truck accidents and other kinds of personal injury cases. The law team advises potential clients on what they need to know about truck accident and personal injury law in Vermont.

A person who gets hurt and ends up with a personal injury as a result of a truck accident, or any other personal injury, must understand that they have three years before the statute of limitations finishes. That means that after three years have passed since the accident, the person who was hurt can no longer file a lawsuit to collect damages. The courts in Vermont will refuse to hear it.

Many accidents involving trucks turn into personal injury cases. The reason is that truck drivers would have inadequate insurance to cover the cost of the injured person’s hospital bills and loss of wages due to being out of work. The potential for personal injury is great when involved in any accident, let alone a truck accident. People often suffer whiplash, cuts, bruises, back injuries, and/or facial lacerations. The pain and suffering of being disfigured can’t carry a price tag, but the injured deserves to be compensated somehow.

The Law Office of Affolter Gannon has been representing clients in personal injury cases with combined experience for over nine decades throughout the Vermont area. When a person has been injured in a truck accident, or any other accident leading to personal injury, the law office has the experience to handle those cases. This law firm also represents cases dealing with family law and insurance law. If you are looking to talk to a truck accidents attorney in the Essex Junction, Vermont area, this law firm is available. Visit the website.

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