What Are GNSS Receivers?

A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver is the part of the system that will process the SIS, or signals in space, that come from the satellites. Once it receives the information, it will then process the signals digitally. This is what will provide you with the position, velocity, and time readouts. The receiver systems are placed inside of hardware of varying sizes, styles, and models.

They can be used for a range of applications today. You will find them in automobiles, boat and ship navigation, and even for hikers and runners, as well as for complex surveying systems.

Software and Hardware Receivers

With a software receiver, all of the calculations and information is passed via a microprocessor. This type of receivers tend to provide users with a lot of flexibility, as well as the ability to customize and modify the software. They can often adapt based on the user’s needs and the conditions in which they are working. Hardware receivers tend to be more efficient when it comes to power consumption and the load on the computer. Most of the options on the market today are the hardware versions, as they also tend to be simpler to add to a company’s operation that is already in place.

When you are choosing GNSS receivers, you will want to consider the type of operation and system you have in place, In some cases, the receivers might only work with either a roving operation or a static base. However, many of the options available today will work with both. You should have no problem finding a system that will work well for your application.

What Does the Receiver Offer?

Always make sure you take the time to examine the features of the receivers you are considering. Check out their abilities and functionality to make sure they are going to be the best solution for your specific needs, whatever they might be. For example, some of the top options today will include serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB support.

Make sure the device is easy to use and reliable before you make your purchase. Will the GNSS receiver be able to work in the environment you need it to work in? The more you know about the receivers you are considering, the easier it will be to make the right choice. Visit us online at  for more detail.

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