What Are the Different Types of Home Radon Tests?

Homeowners can perform home radon tests on their own or hire a certified radon inspection and testing professional to perform the job. A number of radon testing and mitigation companies sell testing kits. Also, some testing kits are usually available from local hardware stores or health departments. However, before you buy a test kit from any store or before hiring a contractor, it is important to ensure a number of things:

*    That the test kit is labeled with the state’s certification number of the company selling the test kit.

*    Call the company’s information line to confirm that the company that manufactures the kit is certified.

*    The contractor that will place and pick up the testing device is certified by the state.

*    Remember that it is unlawful to perform radon testing and mitigation without a certification from the relevant authorities.

Types of Radon Tests

There are two main types of home radon tests, which include short-term tests and long-term tests. Short-term tests typically last from 2 to 7 days, and they are normally used to indicate the level of radon concentrations in your home. In most cases, two short-term tests are conducted either at different points in time or simultaneously. The results of both tests are then averaged to provide a more accurate reading of radon levels. Various short-term test gadgets can be used. The most common ones include:

*    Charcoal canisters

*    Electrets

*    Continuous radon monitors

Long-Term Tests

Long-term home radon tests typically last from three to 12 months. Long-term tests tend to be the most reliable when it comes to providing the most accurate estimates of the average exposure over a certain period. These types of tests are more reliable since the level of radon concentration tends to fluctuate daily or according to the season. Since gasses are usually drawn to low pressure areas, radon gas will find its way into the home at a rate that will depend on the air pressure within the home. The air pressure within the home will be affected by wind conditions, temperature, and exhaust systems among other things. Consequently, it is recommended that long-term tests include the winter months, because concentrations tend to be greater than during other seasons. In many cases, the most common long-term testing gadgets are electrets and track detectors. Both testing devices are considered equally accurate and reliable.

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