What Are Your Needs for Auto Insurance in McKeesport, PA?

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Insurance

It helps to know how to read an insurance policy, whether it is written for your home or your auto. Familiarize yourself with insurance terms as well so you know what your coverage entails.

Read Your Policy Carefully

When you are reviewing plans for auto insurance in McKeesport, PA, you need to acquaint yourself with the various sections of a policy. While insurance companies offer basic policy information, you still should read your policy carefully to make sure you understand the terms and conditions and the featured sections.

For example, the auto insurance “declarations” page is the first page of your policy. This page, as its name suggests, states the name of the insured and the period which the policy covers. It also provides general details such as what is insured, the main coverage limits, and types of coverages.

Learning the Definitions

The “definitions” section on an auto insurance policy is a section that provides the meanings of phrases or words that you will see in your policy. For instance, the term “deductible” is frequently seen in insurance plans. The definitions may appear in darker print in some policies. You can also review an insurance company’s glossary online if you want to understand the terms.

The “coverages” part of policy shows the types of coverages that are provided. It lists the items that are covered and the damage limits. For instance, a policy might show that a car is covered by the required insurance mandated by state law as well as comprehensive and collision insurance.

Exclusions and Conditions

Exclusions further define the coverage limitations or explain how coverage may not apply in the case of a loss. The “conditions” section of a policy explains an insurance company’s obligations and the responsibilities of the insured. This part details how to transfer rights, cancel a policy, or make payments.

Who to Contact for Your Insurance Needs

You can find out more about auto or home insurance by contacting a company such as E.F. Barrett Agency, Inc. Take the initiative and learn more about the products that are offered for auto and home insurance. Learn all you can to make a better and more informed decision.

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