What Can Affect Child Custody in Commack

Parents who have to go to court to settle disputes about child custody in Commack should know what factors can affect the outcome of a court’s decision. When mediation fails to produce a solution that parents are willing to accept, custody battles end up in court. It’s just a fact of life that some custody cases can be very hard to deal with. Parents might be very far apart as to what they prefer for the child they share. When a court makes a decision, some parents choose to appeal it if appealing is possible.

So, what factors are considered in court cases involving child custody in Commack? If the child is old enough, their preference might be taken into account. The court can ask the child which parent they prefer to reside with and why. Obviously, the answer as to why a child prefers to live with one parent over another needs to be something that the court feels is in the child’s best interest. If a child wants to live with a parent because they are allowed to do whatever they want, it’s unlikely that the court will see that as a good thing. Parents who need help with child custody can contact Todd J. Zimmer & Associates or another lawyer for help.

Courts will also take a parent’s health into consideration when making a custody decision. Is a parent physically able to take care of their child alone? Someone with a disability might not be able to handle a child all by themselves. What if a parent has a psychological condition that they are dealing with? Perhaps they don’t handle stress well. If a parent has any physical or mental issues, they might not be given primary custody by the court. Not getting a favorable decision is just something that some parents have to prepare themselves to deal with.

Ideally, parents should try their best to work custody issues out without courts. This can be done with the help of lawyers. Lawyers will often encourage their clients to go through different channels before matters end up in family court.

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