What Can Patients Expect From Partial Dentures in Pine Beach, NJ?

Partial dentures allow a person to have some of their missing teeth replaced so their smiles can be made complete. These dentures can dramatically improve a person’s smile and give them back their full chewing function. When one is missing some of their natural teeth, it behooves them to schedule a consultation for partial dentures in Pine Beach NJ. With this information, people will know what they can expect from the process of getting their partials.

When patients first go in for Partial Dentures in Pine Beach NJ, their dentist will need to perform a full examination to make sure they have enough jawbone to fully support the partial. This is especially important if one is missing their back molars and will need a partial to replace them. There are two types of partials one can choose from depending on whether they want to be able to remove them or have them permanently implanted.

To ensure the partial is made to specifically fit inside the patient’s mouth, impressions will be made. The dentist may cover some of the existing teeth in the patient’s mouth with crowns to help the partial fit and look better. Once the partial has been created in the dental lab, the dentist will check to make sure it offers a precise fit so the patient will be able to eat and speak normally.

It takes a period of adjustment for one to grow accustomed to wearing partial dentures. In the beginning, one may find it difficult to speak and eat normally. Eventually, people grow more accustomed to wearing these dental appliances, so they no longer cause them aggravation and discomfort. It is important patients carefully follow their dentist’s instructions, so they are as comfortable as possible.

If you are missing some of your natural teeth and would like to see about having them replaced with a partial denture, contact us. The dentist will be happy to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can decide which type of partial will work best for you. With a partial, your smile can finally be complete so you can live a more normal life.

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