What Can Patients Expect From Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City, OK?

What Can Patients Expect From Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City, OK?

Restorative dentistry is quickly becoming the most popular branch in the dental field because of its ability to improve smile function and appearance. This form of dentistry works to restore the smile and improve the way the teeth function so a person can eat and talk without issues. With a Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City OK, individuals can have the beautiful smiles they long for and restore their normal function.

To find out which methods of restoration will need to be used, the dentist will first invite the patient to a consultation appointment. This appointment will involve the examination, imagery, and projection of care for the teeth and gums. At this appointment, the dentist may use special imaging software to show a patient how their smile will look once the restoration is complete. Patients are often amazed to see the projected outcomes even before they begin treatments.

With Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City OK, the first goal is to make sure full function is restored. If teeth are missing, this can impede the chewing process and prevent a patient from receiving the full nutrition they need. Implants can be used to permanently replace missing teeth, or the dentist may recommend partials or bridges. If all teeth are missing, dentures are considered the best option.

The dentist will also fill any teeth that are decayed so they look more pleasing to the eye and are not continuing to be damaged. Fillings can be made of composite materials to blend with the other teeth. The dentist can also cover the teeth with crowns if the damage is extensive and the tooth structure is not stable. Crowns can also be used to help make the smile more attractive.

Many patients will need more than one restorative dentistry service. A full restoration can sometimes take several sessions, depending on how severely a person’s smile has been damaged.

If your smile needs to be restored, contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry right away. They will provide you with the restorative dentistry services you are in need of so your smile can be made whole again. Call today for your appointment.

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