What Can You Do to Prevent Costly Flooding?

What Can You Do to Prevent Costly Flooding?

If you’re a homeowner, you probably already know that a major flood can be one of your worst nightmares. The water damage that occurs from burst pipes or backed up drains can result in rot, mold, mildew, structural damage and other costly consequences. You will, of course, want to take all the steps you can to prevent this from happening. Your Skokie flood control expert can be one of your best allies in this department. Here are some simple tips that can keep your home safe from flooding emergencies.

Have Your Pipes Regularly Inspected

Once or twice a year, schedule an appointment for your Skokie flood control professional to take a look at your plumbing. Your experienced plumber will be able to tell if you have worn-out pipes that need to be replaced. He or she can also make minor repairs that might turn into bigger problems later on.

Treat Your Pipes Gently

You should always be careful of what you put down your drains. This goes for sinks as well as toilets. Be sure to have a guard that catches hair and other items and prevents it from flowing down your bathroom sinks. Don’t flush anything down the toilet besides human waste and toilet paper – this includes products that claim to be safe for plumbing. Avoid putting fibrous food matter into your garbage disposal, and feed it kitchen scraps slowly with the water running so it doesn’t become overloaded and lock up.

Respect Your Large Appliances

With your large appliances, there are some maintenance jobs you can easily do yourself, and some that should be left to your Skokie flood control expert. For example, you should be able to periodically replace your washing machine’s hoses on your own. This keeps the machine running smoothly and prevents flooding from an old, brittle hose. On the other hand, leave hot water maintenance to your plumber. Hot water issues can be dangerous, and a malfunctioning heater can lead to major leaks and costly flooding.

Know How to Turn Your Water Off

The next time your plumber is over, ask him or her to show you all of the valves you would need to shut-off in the event of a flooding emergency. These would include your toilets, sinks, major appliances and the water main. If you do experience flooding, shut off your water intake immediately and call a plumber. Your plumbing professional can take the steps to get the flooded water out of your home and dry out the area to prevent further damage.

When it comes to Skokie flood control, your plumber is one of your home’s best friends. Contact your flood control expert in Skokie from North Coast Sewer & Drainage to perform routine maintenance and small repairs, as well as to handle major emergencies. It is a family-owned company with 35 years of knowledge and experience.

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