What Does a Certified Arborist in St. Paul, MN Do?

A landscaper can provide basic lawn and yard care, but when ensuring the health of individual trees, property owners need an arborist. An arborist is trained to evaluate trees’ conditions and make suggestions regarding their care as well as provide maintenance services. These services include adequately fertilizing the area, pruning the trees themselves, and taking steps to control insects and disease. The specialized knowledge of a wide variety of species needed to perform these tasks means that unless they have adequate training, property owners are best off calling a Certified Arborist in St. Paul MN when tree care is necessary.

Different care is required over the course of a tree’s life. If working with a conventional landscape, the first step an arborist will take is to evaluate what trees will best suit the desired location. Things like the amount of space required by the root structure, what nutrients they need, and resilience to common pests and diseases all must be taken into consideration before making a decision. The lifespan of most trees is remarkably long, so planting new ones is a commitment. Be sure to follow the advice of a Certified Arborist in St. Paul MN.

Once the trees have begun to grow, many will require regular pruning to ensure the health of the tree and the safety of surrounding structures. In events where storms or disease damage limbs or even the entire tree, often immediate steps must be taken to lessen the risk of long-term damage. If this should be the case, don’t put it off. Dead limbs can be dangerous.

When a tree reaches the end of its life and requires removal, only a trained professional should attempt to take it down. They will have the equipment and experience to perform this dangerous task safely, whereas property owners may end up hurting themselves or damaging structures or other trees in the area. Not sure if a tree can be saved, or want to plant a privacy barrier that will grow quickly without overtaking the road? Hiring a company like Timberline Tree Service will ensure that trees only be removed when they absolutely cannot be saved, and any new growth planted will be suitable for the area in question.

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