Examples of Services Provided to Tree Lovers by Arbor Care Services In St. Paul Minnesota

The poet William Blake commented that while some people view a tree with joy, others only see that tree as obstacle in their way. Property owners who love trees may want many of these large plants on the land, whether the property is residential or commercial. They’ll want professional Arbor Care Services In St. Paul Minnesota providing service to keep the trees healthy through strategies such as routine trimming and emergency care after storm damage.

Getting Advice From Arborists

Other routine care can be provided by these technicians, who also can offer suggestions to customers on keeping their trees thriving. They’ll tell customers the best strategies for watering during drought conditions and when pruning should be done for certain species. Winter is an ideal time for trimming since both deciduous and evergreen trees are dormant in the cold weather.

Winter Tree Dormancy

Many people don’t realize that evergreens actually are dormant in winter since those trees don’t shed their needles. This state is like a very deep sleep that allows them to survive without water for a long period of time. Trees cannot take up frozen water, so this period of slumber allows them to reawaken in spring. At that time, photosynthesis can begin again because water is now available.

When Trees Must Be Removed

Sometimes a property owner has to make the tough decision to have a tree cut down and removed. The tree may be dying off for no apparent reason or it may have grown in a way that interferes with nearby trees. It might appear unstable at the base, making it a potential hazard for blowing down in high winds. Professional Arbor Care Services In St. Paul Minnesota provide this type of service, doing the work in a completely safe manner.

There are situations in which one or more trees have to go because the property owner is having an expansion of a building or construction of another building. Technicians with a company such as Timberline Tree Service can help with the decisions about which trees to bring down and the possibility of keeping as many as possible standing.

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