Teeth Cleaning: 6 Things You Can Expect

Teeth Cleaning: 6 Things You Can Expect

If you don’t like the thought of losing your teeth to plaque and tartar, going for regular teeth cleaning in Burlington is a good way to keep dental problems at bay. If you haven’t been to one yet, here’s what you can expect:

Starts with an exam

First, you will undergo a physical exam of your mouth, even before the cleaning begins. If there any signs or indications of potential problems, at this point your dental hygienist will asses them to make sure it’s all right to go through with the procedure.

Plaque and tartar removal

Next, a dental scaler will be used to remove the plaque as well as tartar from around your gum line. The hygienist will also clean the pockets of the gums to remove any plaque buildup there.

Teeth polishing

The third step is for your dental hygienist to polish your teeth to remove any final plaque and buff from the teeth. It’s one way to get the deep clean you need. If the scaler missed any tartar or plaque, this one won’t.


Once your teeth have been brushed, you’ll be treated to an expert flossing done by your dental hygienist. You’ll see the main difference between how you floss and how an expert does, getting an access even to the most troublesome spots.


Once you’re done, all you’ll need to do is to rinse out your mouth to make sure there aren’t any debris left.

Fluoride treatment

Finally, dental hygienist may suggest fluoride treatment, to strengthen your enamel. Fluoride is applied directly to your teeth in the form of a gel, rinse or varnish. That marks the last step in the process.

Want to know more? Book an appointment for teeth cleaning in Burlington.

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