What Happens in Small Claims Court

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Here is what happens in small claims court. If possible, the judge in the small claims court will try to solve the problem between the two parties through the mediation process without having to go through a hearing. This helps the plaintiff to receive what he is owed from the defendant. You will need to present any evidence and witnesses with you during the hearing since this strengthens your case against the other person. After the judge hears both sides, he will give his remarks and make a ruling either in your favor or in the defendant’s favor.

How Much Can I Sue Someone For in Small Claims Court?

The maximum amount you can sue for is up to $5000 and here are some cases where you can take your grievances to small claims court. If someone ruined something you own that you let them borrow, you can sue for the value of the items that were ruined by that person. If you bought something from the store and they never delivered the item to you, you can sue for this reason. When you file a claim in small claims court you pay a fee before the case is filed with the court.

What Resources Do I Have If I Do Not Receive My Money?

You can ask that the small claims court to garnish the bank account of the person who owes you money after the judgment is made in court and if weeks or months go by without receiving a payment. You will not be able to garnish child support payments or unemployment benefits. You can also ask the court to request that the person who owes you money hand over items he owns that would match the amount you’re owed.

If you can do so, it is best to try and collect your money without having to file a claim in small claims court. Unfortunately there are times when people will not give you what is owed and your only option is to file a claim in small claims court. If you want to obtain a transcript of the proceedings that happened in small claims court, a person who does legal reporting in Maryland can give the transcript to you. The good thing about small claims court is that the process doesn’t take long and in most situations you’ll get the funds you’re owed. To avoid the need for small claims court be careful about who you lend money or items to.

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