What Happens With Dental Bonding in Toronto?

When a person has staining or damage in their teeth, it can cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. It is especially difficult to deal with these issues on the top front of the smile. Although there are many options for covering damage and staining, there is one that is more cost-effective for most people. With Dental Bonding in Toronto, a person’s smile can be made more uniform and beautiful so they can begin feeling fully confident in the way their smile looks.

Bonding cannot be used to cover all dental issues, but it can be used for many. Bonding treatments consist of layers of dental compound materials that are then smoothed and buffed, so they become shiny and smooth like a natural tooth. Bonding repairs will typically last for about five years and may need to be touched up by the dentist. Because they are more affordable than some options, bonding has become a popular choice in cosmetic dental offices across the country.

To prepare a patient for Dental Bonding in Toronto, the dentist will first make sure the tooth being worked on is clean and dry. It is crucial the tooth is free of any debris and is dry, so the bonding material will properly adhere to the tooth. The dentist may slightly roughen the exterior of the tooth to encourage proper bonding. The dentist will then begin placing the layers of material on the tooth.

The dental bonding material can be shaded to match the patient’s tooth color, so the bonded teeth blend in perfectly with the other teeth. The dentist will work in thin layers and will cure each layer with a light to ensure the bonding material properly hardens. Once all of the layers are in place, the dentist will use special buffing and grind tools to smooth and polish the teeth after they have been repaired.

If you are embarrassed because of your smile, bonding may be a treatment option. For more information on this and other dental treatments, visit . They are the dental professionals you can rely on to help you achieve a more beautiful smile.

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