What Homeowners Should Do Before Fumigation Services in Boynton Beach, Florida Arrive

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Pest Control

There is no doubt that the pest infestation is so severe that only one solution is practical. The house must be fumigated. With the date for the project scheduled, there are several things that the homeowner needs to do before any of the Fumigation Services Boynton Beach Florida show up. Here are some examples of what to arrange in advance.

A Temporary Place to Live

Fumigation is not something that is over in a couple of hours. There’s a good chance that representatives from any of the Fumigation Services Boynton Beach Florida, will recommend that clients arrange to stay with friends or check into a motel for at least three days. Remember that all living things need to be moved out of the house before the treatment starts. That means the family dog and even the house plants will have to be away from the house for a few days.

Disengage All Appliances

Nothing needs to be left plugged in and running during the fumigation process. Unplug everything, including the refrigerator and the stove. If the water heater has a pilot light, that needs to be extinguished and the valve used to cut off the supply of gas should be closed. Remember to arrange for an employee from the gas company to come out in a few days to restart the pilot light.

All Doors Open

Make sure that all the interior doors are open before leaving the house. This includes cabinet doors as well as the doors to each of the rooms. The goal is to ensure that pests have nowhere to hide in an attempt to get away from the treatment administered by one of the Fumigation Services Boynton Beach Florida. Click here for more details.

Move All Food Out of the House

Frozen foods need to be given away or at least stored in a neighbor’s freezer. Even canned and packaged foods will need to be packed away in a detached garage or, possibly, in a neighbor’s storeroom. Doing so will ensure none of the food is contaminated by the treatment.

There are several other things that the homeowner should do prior to the date of the fumigation. Talk with an expert from Above & Beyond Pest Control about what precautions to take so that nothing is damaged. With the right plan of action, the only thing that will go away is the pests hiding in the home.

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