What Is a Custom Spec Home?

In the world of home building, there are many types of homes that you can choose to have created for your family. You can have custom home builders in Fernandina Beach, FL, create something truly unique. You can choose what is called a “spec home”, meaning it is a home made based on a pre-determined design, often sold as a kit that the home builders can put together. However, there is another option as well, one that offers you the benefits of both choices.

Custom Spec? What’s That?

There are many reasons that people choose spec homes. They are faster to build, more affordable, and all of the kinks or flaws that could crop up in the design have been fixed. However, the big drawback is that you can’t pick and choose many of the things that make a house feel like your home.

So a custom spec home is a spec home which is based on a ready-made design, but has some things that can be customized by the homeowner. This is a way to allow homeowners to get the fast and affordable home built, but still have some choices to make the house feel like theirs at the end of the process.

What Can I Customize?

Unfortunately, you can’t generally customize the number of rooms, the layout of the rooms, or anything structurally about the home. The way a custom spec home usually works is that the custom home builders come in and build the frame, and then you pick things like the flooring, cabinetry, crown molding, and other design features. This allows you to feel like the home still has your own personal touch.

What Can’t a Custom Spec Home Do?

Let’s say you are a homeowner that loves everything about a specific spec design, except that you want to make the separate dining room open to the kitchen. Unfortunately, most spec homes cannot be customized in this way. The structure of the home has been pre-designed to meet all kinds of needs, local building requirements, and more. So if you want this level of customization, choose a truly custom design instead.

We are custom home builders in Fernandina Beach, FL that can help you determine what option is best for you. If you want to learn more about custom spec homes.

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