For Young Children, Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa OK Sometimes Is Necessary

For Young Children, Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa OK Sometimes Is Necessary

Tooth decay in young children is largely preventable with regular brushing and being reasonable about sugar intake. Dentists also offer preventive services that include fluoride treatments and sealants for the back teeth. Nevertheless, a rising percentage of tooth decay is being reported in this population group. If the problem is bad enough for a young patient, sedation may be advisable during treatment. For Children Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa OK is available from dental practices specializing in pediatric care.

The Importance of Regular Brushing

Many children drink sugary beverages most days of the week, which is a risk factor for cavities. Fluoride in toothpaste prevents cavities and can even reverse the earliest start of tooth decay, but that can’t happen if kids aren’t brushing at least twice a day. Brushing also removes plaque, which is a sticky substance containing bacteria that are harmful to tooth enamel. Those bacteria feed on sugar.

Fluoride in Water

In addition, people drink a lot of bottled water now instead of drinking water from the tap. If children drink bottled water, they aren’t getting the protective effects of the fluoride added to the Tulsa municipal water supply.

Bottles of Milk and Juice

Toddlers also are susceptible to cavities if they have been given a bottle with milk or juice too much of the time. It’s especially harmful for them to have a bottle at night, as they tend to fall asleep with the liquid in their mouth. Natural sugars from the milk and fruit eat away at the tooth enamel.

Cavities in Baby Teeth

For Children Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa OK is recommended if the treatment will take so long that a young child probably will not be able to sit still through it. Cavities in baby teeth cannot be ignored. The decay spreads to other teeth and starts causing pain.

Tooth decay develops more rapidly in baby teeth than in adult teeth because the enamel is thinner. That’s a main reason why dentists recommend sealants for children but rarely do for adult teeth. Children need to have regular dental appointments in addition to proper oral hygiene at home. Contact Kid’s Dental to set an appointment.

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