What Is Involved in Periodontal Maintenance in Lake Worth, FL?

When periodontal disease sets in, it can quickly destroy a person’s smile. The longer it is left untreated, the more damage it continues to cause. When this disease is present, it is important a person seek Periodontal Maintenance in Lake Worth FL. This treatment is crucial for ensuring the disease is brought under control and does not cause loosening of the teeth or damage to the heart or other body organs. With this information, people will be better able to understand the steps involved in the maintenance of the gums.

Gum disease causes mass infections in the gum tissue. As pockets of infection develop around the teeth, they cause the tops of the roots to become exposed, which can lead to tooth loosening. In the initial stages, the goal is to bring the infection under control as quickly as possible so it can be better managed. This will involve oral antibiotics and antibiotic strips being placed inside the gum tissue where they can go directly to work on treating the disease.

Once the infection is brought under control, the pockets must be reduced so the teeth are no longer in danger of falling out. This is done by performing a deep cleaning in the pockets and then suturing them closed so they can heal properly. After these initial procedures are done, a patient will need ongoing Periodontal Maintenance in Lake Worth FL.

Periodontal maintenance involves routine deep cleanings to remove the tartar and calculus about the gumline and the food particles and plaque below. X-rays are taken on a regular basis to ensure the health of the teeth is not diminishing. Medications may be given if the infection seems to be coming back at any point so it can be treated before any major damages occur.

If you are in need of periodontal maintenance and would like to learn more about the treatment, visit Website. This site can give you all the information you need so you can be sure you will receive the proper care. With a consultation appointment, the dentist can determine how severe the disease has become and what treatments need to be put in place. You can follow them on Twitter.

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