What is the sewer clean-out?

A sewer clean-out is a connection which is fitted with a cap, when the cap is removed those that provide sewer cleaning service in Skokie can gain access to the sewer pipe. In many areas the sewer cleanout is found at or near the junction of the sewer that comes from the house and the municipal sanitary sewer line which runs down the street. Any lateral clogs as well as the sewer cleanout are the responsibility of the home owner, anything on the city side of the cleanout is the responsibility of the municipality. There are also sewer cleanouts located along the main sewer lines, these are much larger and are used by the municipal employees to maintain the sewer line.

It is a good idea for the homeowner to know exactly where the sewer cleanout on his property is located in the event a sewer cleaning service in Skokie needs to gain access to the sewer. These cleanouts usually can be found quite close to the front lot line and it is always a good idea to keep the surrounding area free from bushes so that it is easy for the plumbers to gain access quickly. When the sewer from the house becomes blocked it is often important to gat at the blockage as quickly as possible because until such time as the blockage is cleared, no one in the house can use any water, including flushing the toilets. In some areas, especially those that can expect heavy snow in the winter the sewer cleanout is located in the basement of the house.

The cleanout is capped to keep foreign objects from getting in the sewer but the cap can be removed quite easily with a wrench. Once the cap has been removed the sewer cleaning service in Skokie can get their plumbers snake or rotary rooter into the sewer and eliminate the blockage.

If the house that you live in is rented one of things that you should find out from the owner is exactly where the sewer clean-out is located. If the owner doesn’t know where it is a licensed plumber will certainly be able to locate it but don’t wait until you have a blockage to start looking for it, by then it is too late.
If your sewer is backing up, warn everyone in the house not to use any water until the sewer cleaning service in Skokie have cleared the drain and given the go-ahead that everything is Ok again.

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