What Kids and Parents Should Expect During Sports Physicals in Starkville, MS

Before children can participate in school or community sports, they will need to undergo a physical. Sports Physicals in Starkville MS are designed to make certain every child is healthy enough to be involved with this type of activity. It prevents the school from being legally responsible if something happens, but more importantly it protects the child. The idea of a physical may make children nervous, but it is really a very simple (and painless) exam.

The appointment will begin the way many visits to the doctor do, with a few questions about the health history of the family, and any issues the child currently has or may have experienced in the past. This includes whether anyone has any medical concerns like diabetes or asthma. They will want to know of any allergies, past injuries or hospitalizations the child has experienced as well as any prescription medications or supplements they take.

Once this is complete, the actual physical exam will begin. Much of what happens at this point will be what a child experiences during a basic wellness visit. The blood pressure, body temperature and height and weight are recorded. The child will have their vision and hearing tested, and the doctor will check over their posture, flexibility and listen to the heart and lungs. A blood screening and urinalysis are also often performed as well.

In most instances, the child will be given a clean bill of health and allowed to play. If there are any concerns, the doctor may wish to wait until all laboratory tests are completed or schedule another testing to review anything of concern. Medical concerns like diabetes or asthma will not prevent children from playing sports, as long as they have the issue under control.

Dr. Skis Kids will probably be unconcerned with an extra appointment for Sports Physicals in Starkville MS. Because they will be familiar with the appointments and gentle care they have always received, they will know to expect the same during this visit. Contacting their regular pediatrician for a physical can save time and reduce the amount of testing they need to undergo because the clinic will have their health history on record. Contact them to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

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