What Services Are Performed By An Orthdontics Dentist In Tinley Park, IL?

Illinois dental professionals provide a wide array of services to prevent tooth loss and gum disease. The services are extended if the dental professional possesses further training. An Orthodontics Dentist Tinley Park IL provides these extra opportunities to include surgical procedures and treatments to address complex conditions.

Braces and Opportunities for Straightening Teeth

An orthodontist provides dental patients with devices that could straighten their teeth. Braces are the most commonly-used of these options. The orthodontist examines the patient’s teeth to determine what type of braces is needed for the patient based on the current alignment issue. These dentists could also use devices such as veneers if the alignment issue isn’t severe and is isolated to one area of the mouth.

Root Canal Surgery

Root canal surgery is provided when the tooth is damaged severely. This procedure allows the dentist to stop the patient’s pain quickly by removing the nerve and pulp from the tooth. They drill into the tooth for these purposes and clean out all decay that has formed. Once the tooth is cleaned, the dentist injects a composite resin into it and seals it off. If the tooth has sustained severe damage, the dentist may install a crown for an additional layer or protection.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Orthodontists perform wisdom teeth extractions that require a more surgical approach. Impacted wisdom teeth become a problem for general dentists due to the way in which they erupt through the gum line. These teeth could require them to cut it away from the jawbone. When this is the case, the patient must be sedated to prevent unwanted pain and discomfort. Visit website for more details about the orthdontics dentists In Tinley Park, IL.

The Installation of Dental Implants

Dental implants are installed to replace missing teeth. They are a more viable option since the dentist can use them to replace a single missing tooth. This is more beneficial than other replacement options that require modifications of the surrounding teeth.

Illinois dental patients acquire a fuller variety of services through an orthodontist. These dentists possess the training needed to perform more complex procedures. This includes the surgical removal of wisdom teeth and dental implants.

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