What Should Patients Know About Dental Implant Surgery in Baltimore City?

When a person decides they want to have their smile restored, they often consider Dental Implant Surgery in Baltimore City. Dental implant surgery is a three-step process that allows a person’s smile to be restored by replacing any missing teeth. Those who may be considering this dental procedure would do well to fully research it, along with reading through this information so they can decide if the procedure will offer them the results they are seeking.

To perform a permanent tooth replacement, the dentist will need to make sure there is no bone loss in the socket. It is important there is enough bone tissue so that the titanium implant can be successfully placed down in the socket and through the jawbone. The implant needs to be properly placed so that bone tissue can begin to grow around it and allow the implant to become one with the jawbone.

This first step then requires a three to six-month healing and bonding process. After this period, the dentist will place an abutment over the implant so that it can later hold the prosthetic tooth. It takes time for the gums to grow up around the abutment so a collar can be created that will hold the prosthetic in a natural position.

Once the prosthetic is in place, a person’s smile can be fully restored. They can then feel confident smiling and enjoy a host of foods they once could not. It is important for people to carefully follow their dentist’s instructions after Dental Implant Surgery in Baltimore City. The dentist will instruct patients on how to care for their mouth during each healing process and how they can properly take care of their implants once they have been fully assembled.

Those who are interested in pursuing dental implants should consider scheduling a consultation appointment with the dentist. This appointment will allow the dentist to check the bone structure of the jawbone to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate to have dental implant surgery carried out.

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