What Should People Know About Paternity Law?

What Should People Know About Paternity Law?

When there is a question of paternity, testing can offer a clear answer. It can be difficult raising a child without the other parent, but it is especially difficult providing sole financial support. The law is clear on making both parents responsible for the financial care of their child. This means the non-custodial parent is held with the responsibility of paying child support. When a woman is having difficulty seeking child support, it is crucial paternity law is followed. Many women find it helpful to hire an attorney to assist them in the process so paternity can be established and child support can be ordered.

Every child has the right to know who both their parents are because:

  • It establishes their identity.
  • It helps to ensure they will be financially supported.
  • It allows them benefits and inheritance rights.
  • It helps them protect their health by understanding their family history.

When a woman is married at the time of the birth of her baby, her husband is legally assumed to be the father unless paternity is questioned. Paternity law ensures a man can be voluntarily or involuntarily tested. If a man refuses to submit to testing, he can be court-ordered to do so. If one chooses to voluntarily admit to paternity, both parents mus go before a notary and sign an Affidavit of Parentage that is then filed with the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

A lawyer can help to speed up the process of pursuing a man for paternity testing. Testing is quick and easy and simply involves the swabbing of the man’s and baby’s inner cheek. Once testing has been carried out, the results will reveal whether or not the man is the father and by what percentage. A man is considered the biological father if the test reveals a greater than 99% likelihood.

If you are dealing with paternity issues and would like legal guidance, contact the law office of P. Scott De Bruin. He and his staff will help you through the entire process to ensure you are able to seek paternity testing for your child. Call today for your appointment.

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