What to Consider Before Hiring Joseph I Wittman, Attorney at Law

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Lawyers

Regardless of the type of attorney a person needs to hire -criminal, civil, family law, divorce- there are many considerations to be made first. Getting to know the background of the attorney, as well as their education, the way they work, and other factors, will ensure the right person is hired for the job. Use the information here to find the right attorney for the situation.

Determine the Needs of the Case

Some cases won’t even require the services of an attorney. Think about the desired resolution and the type of lawyer that is right for the job, such as Joseph I Wittman, attorney at law. It is not just if a person needs a family law attorney or criminal attorney, there is much more to think about. It is also essential to consider if the case requires a smaller firm that will provide more personal attention or the scaled billing abilities of larger firms and several paralegals to attend to the need of the situation. Prior to meeting any attorney, ensure to have the details of the case organized and an understanding of the services required.

Find a Knowledgeable Attorney

While all attorneys are knowledgeable, it is essential to find one who understands the particular legal matter a person is facing. Find a lawyer who works in the area of law that the situation is in. For example, if a person is facing criminal charges, they will need a criminal lawyer, not a personal injury lawyer.

Ask about Payment Options

It is important to find out if the attorney who is being considered offers payment options. There is no question that lawyer fees can be high, so making sure they can be paid is essential. Will the lawyer bill hourly or charge a flat-fee? Also, how often will they provide invoices and when is payment expected?

Joseph I Wittman, attorney at law, offers quality legal services for those in need. Taking some time to contact his office staff will clear up any questions a person may have. They can also visit this website to learn more about the services offered.

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