What to Expect After Bunion Surgery in Racine WI

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Podiatry

Bunions can cause a great deal of pain and often require surgery to alleviate the issue. Along with making the right preparations prior to the Bunion Surgery in Racine WI, it pays to know what to expect once the procedure is complete. Here are some ideas of what will occur in the days and weeks after the patient gets to go home.

Foot Pain

It is natural to anticipate some amount of pain after Bunion Surgery in Racine WI. For many patients, the discomfort can be managed using a mild pain reliever. Typically, the worst of the pain is over within five days after the surgery. If the pain does persist, calling the doctor is a wise move.

Keeping the Foot Dry

While most people love the idea of a hot shower after being in the hospital or having outpatient surgery, it is important to keep the surgery site dry at all times. The doctor can provide some suggestions on how to wrap the foot, so the dressing is kept dry even during a shower. Remember that following that advice will help to reduce the potential for infection.

Standing and Walking

Depending on the extent of the surgery, the patient may need to refrain from putting any weight on the foot for up to two months. During that time, using crutches when standing or walking is the right thing to do. Even when resting, it pays to prop up the foot so that there is no stress or pressure applied.

Dealing with the Stitches

If all goes as planned, the patient can expect the stitches to be removed anywhere between a week to three weeks after the surgery. Typically, the stitches will come out sooner when no signs of infection are present; the swelling subsides according to expectations, and the incision is healing without any problems.

For anyone facing the prospect of bunion surgery, click here to learn more about the process itself and what to expect in the weeks that follow. Doing so will make it easier to have everything on hand for the recovery period and improve the odds of avoiding any complications.

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