What to Expect from Allergy Testing in Louisville KY

Allergy Testing in Louisville KY consists of some type of skin test, performed in a doctor’s office or clinic environment. The test will usually take between 20 and 40 minutes. There are some tests that will detect an immediate allergic reaction, which will show within a few minutes of being exposed to an allergen. Other types of tests will detect a delayed allergic reaction, which can develop over a period of a few days. The most common tests that are used are listed here.

The Skin Prick Test
This is also referred to as a scratch test or a puncture test and works to check for an immediate allergic reaction for up to 40 different substances all at once. The test is typically used for detecting allergens such as certain foods, dust mites, pet dander, mold and pollen. For children the test is completed on the upper back and for adults it is performed on the forearm.

This type of Allergy Testing in Louisville KY is not painful. The testing uses needles that will barely penetrate the surface of the skin.

Skin Injection Test
In some cases you may have to have an allergy test done that will use a needle to inject a small amount of the extract of the allergen into your skin, which is referred to as an intradermal test. When this test is completed by the Allergy Testing at Accredited Asthma Allergy and Food Intolerance Center in Louisville KY the injection site will be examined after a period of approximately 15 minutes for any signs that there may be an allergic reaction. This test is typically used to check for any type of allergy to penicillin or insect venom.

Patch Test
This test is typically done to see if a certain substance has caused an allergic skin irritation. This type of test is used to detect a delayed allergic reaction, which may take up to several days to show.

If you have decided that you need an allergy test, you should visit Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center. Here you can talk with the doctor to determine what test is right for your needs. This will ensure that you receive accurate results.


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