What To Expect From Social Security Benefits In Temecula, CA

What To Expect From Social Security Benefits In Temecula, CA

In California, Social Security benefits provide financial assistance for disabled individuals. The programs offer monthly payments to help the claimants cover their expenses and support themselves financially. A local attorney provides information about Social Security Benefits in Temecula CA and what claimants should expect.

What are SSI Benefits?

SSI or supplemental security income is a program for disabled individuals who have never worked. The individuals are often diagnosed with a qualifying condition in childhood. Typically, the claimant receives the disability benefits throughout their life once they are approved.

What are SSDI Benefits?

SSDI or Social Security disability insurance is provided to individuals who have a work history. The benefits are accumulated throughout the work history and deducted from the worker’s wages each pay period. Once the worker is considered disabled, they can file a claim to acquire the benefits. The total value of their monthly benefits depends on the total value of the claimant’s contribution to the program.

What Restrictions Apply to the Benefits?

With SSI, the claimant’s household income affects the total value of the benefits they receive. In fact, the SSA monitors the bank accounts owned by the claimant and certain individuals in their household. For minors, the parent’s income is monitored. For adults, their spouse’s income is evaluated. If the household income exceeds the income restrictions, the benefits are reduced.

How Do Claimants Obtain the Benefits?

First, they file an application with the Social Security Administration. The claimant visits two different doctors through the process. The findings are reported back to the agency for a full assessment. The agency determines if the claimant’s condition qualifies for the disability benefits. A letter is sent to the claimant that notifies them of the agency’s determination.

In California, Social Security benefits are paid each month to disabled individuals. The benefits are based on the current government standard and an additional payment provided by the state. The programs include SSI and SSDI benefits that are provided according to the condition identified. SSI is for individuals who have never worked, and SSDI is for individuals who have a previous work history. Claimants who need to acquire Social Security Benefits in Temecula CA can visit Erichuntattorney.com right now.

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