What You Need To Know About Buying Used Quads In Tucson

When checking out Used Quads in Tucson, it’s important to do your research, learning everything you can about the vehicle before you hand over your hard-earned cash for it. When you don’t see the hidden problem, it can mean the difference between getting a fantastic deal on your 4-wheeler and getting taken for a ride. By knowing what to look for ahead of time, you know what breaks the deal and what you’re really looking for when you’re ready to seal the deal.

In today’s economy, there are a number of good values available for consumers looking for Used Quads in Tuscon, as unfortunately, many people have been forced to sell theirs to make ends meet. For the buyer, this means a good selection is available to select from. One of the first concerns a potential buyer should have is for rust, as it’s a good sign the quad may have been damaged or wrecked in the past.

Because all of the external parts of a 4-wheeler are painted to treat rust, except possibly the chain or brake disks, if you do find rust, it’s likely there’s been damage. Many frames on current vehicles are aluminum, meaning they don’t rust. Therefore, look very closely at the frame to find any rust. A crack is going to appear in an aluminum frame as a dark silver or black line in the base portion of the weld.

Another tip when checking out your quad is to get it up off the ground, checking out the wheels and suspension by spinning all of the tires. The buyer should hold onto the tires with both hands, trying to twist or shake the tires, all the while listening for sounds of rattling, knocking, and loose parts. You may also hear a grinding noise, too. While you’re at it, remove the seat, airbox cover, and air filter so as to clearly view the air intake area. If there is debris here, there is likely to be in the motor, too, and this is not a good sign.

Finally, take the ATV for a test drive, taking it relatively easy on the vehicle until it’s actually yours. Contact us if we can answer any questions.

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