What You Need to Know About Residential Pest Control in Fairfax VA

What You Need to Know About Residential Pest Control in Fairfax VA

When pests show up in a home or yard, homeowners tend to want to get rid of them fast. Turning to experts who provide Residential Pest Control in Fairfax VA is the quickest solution.

Bites and Stings

For homeowners who have children, yellow jackets and bees can be a big concern, since it is easy to come across a hive by accident. Someone who is trimming the bushes could also run into these stinging insects. Fleas and ticks are most likely to be bothersome to pets, but they will sometimes bite people as well. Mosquitoes will harass those who enjoy the outdoors, ruining an otherwise pleasant summer afternoon. Indoors, a bed bug infestation could become a problem, or venomous centipedes could find a way inside.

Property Damage

Homeowners who have just got their lawn looking great will be dismayed if moles begin digging all over and disturbing the green grass. Deer might wander into some yards and tear up a garden or part of the landscape. Rodents, including mice, rats, and squirrels, tend to chew a lot, and may get into an attic or another part of a home and gnaw on various items. Bats sometimes move into attics as well. Termites cause some homeowners to need Residential Pest Control in Fairfax VA, since they live in large colonies and can devour a lot of wood. Yet they are not the only pests that may harm the wood parts of a house. Carpenter bees and carpenter ants are other pests that can damage wood like termites. Visit website for more details.

Unusual Pests

Sometimes people are surprised to see that an animal they don’t often encounter has settled into their yard. Snakes, for example, may have never before appeared on a property, then one day, one is seen slithering through the grass, and sightings continue afterward. Most people don’t expect to run into a skunk, but occasionally one of these stinky mammals will choose a residential area for its home. Birds are usually not considered pests, but a flock of them that comes to a yard could be troublesome. In some instances, millipedes or silverfish may start coming indoors and walking around on the floor of a home.

Whenever Residential Pest Control in Fairfax VA is needed, turn to the professionals. Contact Pest Management Services for more information.

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