What’s Best; Leasing A Car Or Buying It?

What’s Best; Leasing A Car Or Buying It?

When the time comes for you to seriously consider getting a new car the question will arise; is it better to buy the car or lease it?

This is a difficult question to answer, different people have different needs and expectations so there are bound to be pros and cons for both. The decision often comes down to lifestyle and budgetary constraints.

Many business people favor leasing; a car lease in Plainfield will allow them to drive a better car for the same or even less money and the costs associated with the lease can be applied to their taxes. If you are not in business and there is no need to have an up-market car and you have always kept a car for years, then buying instead of leasing is by far the better choice.

There are good things to be said about both leasing and buying. As there are so many different situations let’s look at the pros and cons of both. Always bear in mind that there really is no perfect answers to what’s best; leasing or buying a car outright.

The benefits of leasing:

   * Less money down and lower monthly payments
   * More car for less money
   * The vehicle you drive is always under warranty
   * There is no concern about selling it as a used car
   * You can drive a new car every three years

When you purchase rather than lease the down payment and monthly payments are invariably higher, getting rid of the car is your problem and you are purchasing an ever decreasing asset. The upside of purchasing a car is the fact that your mileage is not capped, you can sell the car when you want to whomever you want or it can be applied to the purchase of another new car.

As you only pay for the depreciation and not for the entire value of the car, a car lease in Plainfield makes sense; you get more car for less money.

A car lease in Plainfield makes a lot of sense for many people. To discuss the details of leasing a new Volkswagen you are invited to visit Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet.

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