When It’s Time for a Root Canal

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone feels uncomfortable when they are faced with a dental procedure. However, by realizing early on that you may need to take action when it comes to your teeth, you’ll be able to prevent further damage and to also heal sooner.

One of the most serious dental procedures for most people is a root canal. Your dentist will usually suggest the procedure when your tooth is in extremely severe shape. By knowing the warning signs indicating that you need a root canal, you can reach out to a root canal dentist in Minneapolis MN to get the quick treatment that you need.

Severe Tooth Pain
One of the most apparent signs that indicate you may need a root canal is severe tooth pain. The tooth pain is usually concentrated and occurs when there is pressure on the area. In addition, you’ll also notice a severe sensitivity to hot and cold substances.

It is important to note that the tooth pain can be either persistent or transient. Persistent tooth pain doesn’t disappear, while transient tooth pain will come and go on a day-to-day basis. Many people brush off transient tooth pain as a sign that their tooth is just sensitive. However, if you are experiencing transient pain along with symptoms, then you are likely in need of a root canal.

Swelling and Bumps
Another indication that points to the need for a root canal is swelling and small pumps that resemble pimples and appear in the area where your pain is concentrated. The swelling also occurs where the pain is found and most of the time, you’ll also feel a tenderness in the area.

A Shift in Color
Lastly, a visible sign is when the tooth’s color darkens from white to gray or black. A shift in color indicates that the tooth’s nerve system is dying and in order to remedy the problem, a root canal is necessary. This type of symptom is also one that does not occur overnight.

It usually takes a few months or even a year for the tooth to become noticeably darker. As a result, it is best to rely on the other symptoms of a root canal. By taking action quickly and visiting a root canal dentist in Minneapolis MN, you can protect your dental health by providing your tooth with the urgent care that it needs. Twin Cities Dental is a root canal dentist in Minneapolis MN. In addition to providing quality root canals, the dentistry also works to provide patients with root canal procedures, the facility also provides general and cosmetic services. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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