When Should You Take a Child to an Expert of Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita KS?

Take care of the dental health of your child, and he or she will reward you with a smile. Oral health is very important in any stage of life. Children and the aged alike need proper dental care. Children may experience oral cavity problems that need to be examined and treated before they cause permanent or long-term harm that could affect their physical and mental well-being. An expert of Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita KS can help restore a nice smile in your child if they are suffering from oral health problems. Here are common dental problems in children:

* Tooth decay or civilities:

* Children have tough teeth with a defense mechanism provided by the protective layer of the enamel, but this protecting structure may not be that strong as in the case of adults. Eating food or taking drinks that contains sugar will damage the enamel. The sugar is turned into acid by the bacteria in teeth thus attacking the enamel and causing decay. If the decay is not treated, a hole will form and make the surface collapse, paving way for cavity formation. The child may not have pain during the early stages of tooth decay, but this is the most appropriate time to prevent further damage.

* Acid erosion:

* This is different from decay in that instead of focusing on a specific point, the acid attacks and wears the entire surface of a tooth. The enamel surface thins, causing tooth sensitivity and possibility of suffering from tooth decay. The acids may come from drinks and foods.

* Gum disease:

* Gums help in protecting the bone that holds teeth in place. When a child suffers from gum disease, it may cause loss of tooth by the time he or she is an adult. Plaque in gums needs to be removed, but if that is not done, it may cause tartar on the tooth surface. This would need a process known as scaling to remove. Plaque will also cause swelling and bleeding of gums when you brush, which could be the start of gum disease or gingivitis.

Taking your child for regular dental checkups and treatment by an expert of Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita KS can help prevent and deal with these and other problems before they advance.

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