Where Can I Work After I Graduate from Tucson Massage Schools?

The American Massage Therapy Association says that 69% of massage therapists work as private agents. If you are looking for more options after you graduate from any Tucson massage schools, this article will discuss places you may not have considered to find work. Your first step on your way to forging your career as a massage therapist (after you complete training at one of the best accredited Tucson massage schools) is to complete the required licensure for your state. Once you have your license, explore these options for employment.

You can use the sports massage and Swedish massage techniques you’ve learned to be part of an injured patient’s overall therapy plan. Many cancer centers and hospitals offer on-site massage therapy to aid their patient with their chronic pain, range of motion problems, or for their general comfort. Some larger, multi-practice physician groups may also offer massage therapy for the treatment of their entire patient.

Many upscale hotels in major cities and resorts have an onsite spa to cater to their customers. In fact, there are few upscale hotels and resorts which DON’T host an internal spa, and the massage therapists there are able to meet travelers from around the world.

Cruise Ships
Are you reluctant to plant your roots? Explore the option of working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship. The massage techniques you learned in any of the Tucson massage schools can take the cruise ship passengers to another layer of bliss. You can imagine you would be quite busy working on a cruise ship, but with many ships offering complementary massages on deck (not just in the spa itself), you can enjoy the ocean breeze while working.

Consolidation can be the name of the game at times, and many beauty salons are integrating several spa services under a single roof for the convenience of their customers: hair, nails, facials, skin care, and (yes) massages therapy. Is your favorite hair salon hiring a massage therapist for their practice? It may be worth it to find out.

Many events offer onsite massage therapy as a way to entice a crowd. Health fairs, conventions, festivals, office demonstrations, and other public events hire massage therapists to set up a mobile massage chair to take care of the event attendees.

Fitness Centers and Gyms
Many gyms offer an onsite massage therapy option for their members as an extra service. Although the idea of relaxation and working out contradict each other, the stress that gym members put on their bodies can make them very grateful for the techniques you learned at your Tucson massage school.

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