Why A Final Arrangements Include Interment In A Natural Burial Ground

For centuries, most civilizations either buried the dead in shrouds or cremated them. Somewhere around the time of the Civil War, funeral homes began embalming fallen soldiers so that they would not decompose before they could be shipped home. However, in recent years, professionals like Cascade Memorial have been getting more requests for the original “green” funerals. Clients want to be interred in a Natural Burial Ground. The eco-friendly arrangements help them save money and conserve natural resources.

The Logic Behind Natural Funerals

Clients may choose interment in a Natural Burial Ground when they want to embrace the classic “ashes to ashes” view of life. When an unembalmed body is buried with no outer containers, it naturally decomposes and literally becomes one with the earth. Some burials take place on private land, but most happen in cemeteries that have sections devoted to vault-free interment. This is important & since the typical cemetery requires vaults in order to protect graves from sinking under the weight of maintenance equipment. Natural grounds are cared for differently. They may use techniques that include sustainable agriculture, habitat conservation, and permaculture.

Natural Burials Are Less Costly

Whether clients are pre-planning their own arrangements or looking for immediate need solutions, natural burials can save them money. Those who pre-plan might choose the option because they want very simple funerals that match their eco-friendly sensibilities. Survivors facing sudden funeral costs may go the natural route in order to design a beautiful but affordable service. They save the cost of embalming and vaults. Some clients choose to have bodies buried in shrouds & while others opt for biodegradable caskets that cost much less than traditional models.

Green Funerals Conserve Natural Resources

Clients often choose natural burials when they want to avoid putting non-biodegradable elements into the ground. Cemeteries contain millions of tons of wood, metal, and concrete (for vaults). Most materials decompose very slowly and remain in the earth for many decades. In addition, embalming fluid breaks down and contaminates the earth.

Funeral homes are now doing more natural funerals. That means clients want bodies buried in natural spaces without containers. The option can save them money while protecting and conserving natural resources. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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