A Funeral Home In Bel Air Will Provide The Services You Need

A Funeral Home In Bel Air Will Provide The Services You Need

Whether you are pre-planning your funeral arrangements or those of a loved one, a Funeral Home in Bel Air can help through every step of the process. A quaint and personal setting will provide the comfort of every grieving family member and friend needs during the funeral process. Grief support is offered to family members who are unable to cope with the loss.

Services can be designed to meet the needs of the family. A funeral home can provide a traditional service or cremation services. Many individuals are choosing cremation services due to the lower cost that is involved.

Military Funeral

A basic military funeral is easy for an experienced funeral home to provide and that will pay respect to a veteran. A military funeral includes a presentation of the United States flag to the family, playing of taps and the ceremony is performed by a funeral honors detail for the Armed Forces the veteran served in. Full military honors could include a seven-person detail or a standard honors team detail.

If the family does not want taps to be played, a bugler can replace it. Military funeral honors teams may be paul bearers if they are requested by the veteran or family. There are varieties of individuals who are eligible to receive a military funeral and a Funeral Home in Bel Air can help you determine if they qualify.

Pre-Arranging A Funeral

One of the best gifts an individual can give their family is a pre-arranged funeral. This eliminates family members guessing what type of service would be best to honor their loved one. Prearranging a funeral also protects an individual from the rising costs and eliminated burdening loved ones as they grieve.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of an individual’s home or at the funeral home. When funeral arrangements are made in advance, an individual will know their wishes are being fulfilled.

Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Serviceshave been helping families in the area for many years with this difficult process. Their empathy and support during this difficult time will make it easier on everyone involved. Please feel free to browse the website for more information.

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