Options When Planning a Funeral Home Service in Deltona FL

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Cremation Service

When someone passes away, the service can be an important part in letting go and moving on. It’s a time to celebrate a life, and the ones who loved and cared for the deceased. With a number of ways to say goodbye these days, it’s important to find the right Funeral Home Service in Deltona FL to meet your needs.


This involves a visitation, a church or chapel service, and a graveside service. Quite frankly, it can be a costly endeavor, but when life insurance is paying, many people figure they might as well go through the whole production. And, this is fine if it’s what the deceased would have wanted or even pre-planned for. However, it’s not the only option available for a Funeral Home Service in Deltona FL.


Definitely a less expensive option, it’s a good idea when the deceased didn’t leave specific instructions or when money is tight. Typically coming in at about 1/3 the cost of a traditional service and burial, often times a company such as Fourtowns Cremation Inc. can do it in-house, saving individuals thousands of dollars. There can still be a church service if you desire or hold a memory/celebration service in a banquet hall. But, the cremation would take place elsewhere with the remains provided for your disposal or safe keeping.


In some cases, a family may choose to have a body cremated and then bury the remains in a traditional plot. It’s still a money-saving option as there’s no need for a casket. However, you’d still run into the cost of a headstone and the plot itself. At the church service, in cases like this, families might choose to have a large photograph displayed on a stand instead of the traditional casket or open casket option.

Regardless of how you choose to say goodbye to your loved one, remember there is no right or wrong answer. Choose the solution that is best for your family and keep in mind what your loved one would or would not have wanted. Have no regrets and don’t feel like you have to answer to everyone and his brother. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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