In Search of the Best Streak-Free Window Cleaner

In Search of the Best Streak-Free Window Cleaner

Do you have problems seeing through your windows? Maybe there are smudges which you cannot get rid of. Perhaps every time you try to clean your windows, you get streaks, and this destroys all your hard cleaning work. If you want the best streak-free window cleaner, you can make your own, or buy a trusted eco-friendly commercial cleaning product. Here is more information on the subject.

Homemade Cleaners

If you need to clean windows and you do not have some good commercial cleaners, it is possible to make the best homemade streak-free window cleaner. Just mix equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol. Add a few drops of mild dish soap and place the solution in an empty spray bottle.

Spray your homemade cleaner on your window and wipe with a soft cloth. A microfiber cloth is one of the best cleaning cloths you can use. However, when you use a homemade cleaner, you must be careful if you want to avoid streaking.

Tips for Cleaning Windows with Homemade Cleaner

Most cleaning professionals like to clean windows on cloudy or partly cloudy days. The reason for this strategy is simple. If you clean your windows with a homemade cleaning agent and the sun is shining through the glass, it can lead to streaks. Even better, consider cleaning the interior windows at night.

Window Cleaning with Commercial Products

If you want the best commercial streak-free window cleaner, look for products which are natural and good for the environment. They are also non-toxic and will not harm people or pets. Choose a product which you dilute with water because this saves you a lot of money.

How can you tell if your cleaner does not leave streaks? Check out Good Housekeeping tested cleaners. The Good Housekeeping Institute provides honest and unbiased reviews of many products.

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