Why an Office Coffee Vending Machine is a Good Idea

Why an Office Coffee Vending Machine is a Good Idea

If a little bit of java in the morning keeps you going, you’re not alone. A Gallup Poll states that about two-thirds of American adults enjoy at least a cup of coffee every day, with about 2.7 cups of coffee on average per day. Also, about twenty-five percent of people say they’re addicted to caffeine, with only ten percent saying they want to cut back on their caffeine intake.

Benefits of coffee

If you’re on the fence about shopping for a coffee vending machine in Houston TX and putting it in your workplace, here are some of the best benefits you’ll provide your employees with when you offer them coffee.

  • Improves alertness. That helps ensure higher productivity levels at work.
  • Better cognition. Caffeine in your system puts a stop to adenosine production, which is a substance your brain produces when you sleep.
  • Stronger brain. Caffeine also keeps your brain free from hormones that induce stress by releasing kahweol and cafestol in your system. These are anti-inflammatory agents you get from drinking coffee regularly.
  • Energy booster. Tired after working non-stop throughout the morning? No worries. Coffee boosts your energy so you’re ready to face the rest of the day.

Benefits of a vending machine

Given all the benefits of coffee at the workplace, you’ll want to consider putting in a coffee vending machine in Houston TX to provide your team with a good cup of coffee every day. Vending machines eliminate the hassle of restocking and buying your own supplies. With a vending machine at work, your employees can drink whenever they want. You can stock up on their favorite brands so they won’t have to go out of the premises, cutting downtimes shorter. And with some companies restocking the supplies, you won’t have to worry about running low on coffee.

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