Why Buying Wholesale Coffee in Los Angeles Can Improve Productivity

Providing your staff with well made coffee throughout the work day can do wonders for your company’s bottom line. While it may seem counter productive, it’s actually a smart business move to invest in a few reasonable amenities for your staff.  Researches have found that employees who receive perks from their employer, such as quality coffee, tend to be more productive on an ongoing basis. Purchasing the coffee wholesale can ease the financial burden on your company while still giving you the ability to see your bottom line grow. Here are just a few reasons why buying wholesale coffee in Los Angeles can improve productivity.

Reduce Duration Of Coffee Breaks

Experts agree that the best way to succeed with any task is to reward your brain for staying focused on the task with breaks of a short duration. By providing coffee on site, you can encourage your employees to take these shorter breaks. Getting up to get more coffee, reheat coffee that has gone cold, or simply visit the coffee station to socialize with other co-workers is a great way to refocus one’s mind. Of course, it’s equally important that your employees aren’t taking extended breaks. By offering coffee at the office you can discourage lengthy trips and breaks to nearby coffee shops.

Boost Employee Morale

Happy employees are productive employees. A great way to show your staff that you are invested in their happiness while at work is to provide them with easy access to quality coffee. It’s a small gesture, but it does go a long way to boosting morale across the office. In turn, your employees will be happier and more productive.

Encourage Camaraderie

The best way to encourage your employees to bond with one another is to set up a central gathering area, where they can meet in the morning and at various points throughout the day. Staff members who get along are naturally more productive, as they work better together than those who don’t know one another well.

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