Why Calling an Ants Exterminator in Queens is a Smart Move

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Pest Control

Waking up one morning to find a line of ants crawling in through a window or the kitchen door is not something most people would relish. The first instinct is to grab a can of bug spray and attack the ants at once. While that may solve the immediate problem, it does nothing to resolve the reason why the ants decided to invade the home in the first place. To get to the bottom of the matter, it pays to hire an Ants Exterminator in Queens.

Conducting a Complete Inspection

One of the first things that the ants exterminator in Queens will want to do is conduct a thorough inspection of the grounds around the house. The goal is to find if there is an any colony on the premises. If so, destroying that colony is essential to preventing another invasion. Once that task is accomplished, the professional will move on to the next phase of the treatment process.

Taking a Look Inside

What was it that attracted the attention of the ants in the first place? The professional can determine if there is something that would make them want to come inside. The fact that there is something in the home that attracted attention does not mean the home is not clean. After all, the ants could have entered in search of a cooler place or possibly a water source.

Fortifying the House

Along with bringing the infestation to an end, the exterminator will also take measures to ensure the problem does not arise again. This will involve administering treatments around each of the doors and windows. If there are any small cracks around the foundation or the basement, those will be pointed out. By arranging to have those cracks sealed, the homeowner will eliminate one more possible point of entry.

For anyone who is experiencing a pest problem, browse our website and take a look at the range of services offered. Call and set up an inspection and possible treatment. Once the original problem is under control, it will be much easier to design a plan for ongoing protection that keeps the pests at bay.

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