Why Children Need Regular Dental Checkups in Kaneohe

Adults know the importance of going to the dentist once or twice every year for a regular checkup. However, these Dental Checkups in Kaneohe are also important for children. Once a child is two years of age, they should visit their dentist on an annual basis.

Children have different dental needs than adults, and a local dentist will look for specific things in a child’s mouth. Monitoring a child’s teeth from an early age will prevent serious dental problems. There are many things a dentist will evaluate during these important checkups.

Tooth Development

It takes two to three years for a full set of baby teeth to erupt in a child’s mouth. Visiting a dentist is the only way to make sure all of the child’s teeth are properly forming. The dentist will count the erupted teeth and make a note of which teeth are still missing.

If a child doesn’t show normal progress, then the dentist may use x-rays or other tools to see if there is a developmental problem. Parents will be made aware of any issues. The dentist will also suggest a treatment plan to make sure the remaining teeth erupt on schedule.

Dental Decay

Children are very prone to decay. If left untreated, this decay may eventually lead to deep and painful cavities. Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own, dentists will often suggest a filling to keep the decay from spreading to other teeth.

If a lot of decay is found during a checkup, the dentist will make recommendations on how to treat it at home. Dentists may suggest feeding changes, such as limiting bottle time, which will slow down bacteria growth. They may also show the parents how to better clean their child’s teeth.

Facing Fears

Many children have a fear of visisting the dentist. If this isn’t addressed while the child is young, this phobia may continue into adulthood. Scheduling Dental Checkups in Kaneohe is a great way to teach the child that visiting the dentist isn’t scary at all.

The earlier a child is able to Visit Kailua Dentist, the more likely they will have better dental hygiene habits as they grow up. Childhood exams will check for tooth development, decay, and also reduce any fears. Remember, children should see their dentist every year.

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