Why Get an Oral Cancer Screening from a Dentist in St. Augustine FL

Why Get an Oral Cancer Screening from a Dentist in St. Augustine FL

Oral cancer is a serious issue that affects thousands of people. However, more people would request an oral cancer screening during their bi-annual cleaning, their Dentist in St. Augustine FL would be able to find signs of an issue early on and ensure they were treated. The fact is, once oral cancer has reached a certain point, it is nearly impossible to treat and cure. A screening can mean the difference in effective treatment and serious consequences. Some other reasons to seek this type of screening during a dental check-up can be found here.

Oral Cancer Rates are Increasing among Young People

Many people believe that oral cancer only affects older drinkers and smokers. However, there are more and more younger people who have been diagnosed with this condition. There are some professionals who believe that cases of oral cancer are directly linked to HPV or the human papillomavirus. Anyone between the ages of 25 and 50 should seek regular screenings to determine if they are at risk.

Screenings are Painless and Quick

The examination to determine if a person has oral cancer will take under five minutes and includes just a simple, visual evaluation of the person’s mouth, face, and lips for symptoms of precancerous conditions or cancer. If there are symptoms found, then additional diagnostic testing will be done. It is important to get screened yearly to minimize the potential of unnoticed issues.

Early Detection and Prevention is Essential

The top reason that people develop oral cancer is still lifestyle choices. Using chewing tobacco, smoking and the excessive consumption of alcohol, along with the contraction of HPV and prolonged sun exposure will all increase a person’s risk. However, when found and treated early on, the chance of surviving reaches 80 percent. Most people can learn about their own risk factors by contacting a dentist in St. Augustine FL.

Take some time to discuss oral cancer with a Dentist to ensure they know to perform a screening. This will help a person minimize the risk of developing the disease. Taking the time to do this will pay off in the long run and help ensure that the risk of the disease is minimized and that a person does not have any unchecked cases of the disease.

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