Why Installing Gutter Guards in Lexington, KY Makes Sense

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Roofing

There is no doubt that gutter systems provide a valuable service. With a fully functional system, it is possible to avoid some of the potential damage to the foundation and other parts of the home. Choosing to install Gutter Guards in Lexington KY will go a long way toward making the system even more efficient. Here are some of the benefits that the homeowner will enjoy as the result of the installation.

Minimize Cleanings

When no gutter guards in Lexington KY are part of the system, the homeowner will normally want to clean them a couple of times each year. One cleaning will occur in the spring and helps to clear out any debris that collected over the winter months. A second cleaning takes place in the late autumn once the last of the leaves have fallen. With guards installed, a lot of the debris will not be able to get in the line. That means the homeowner could get by with a single cleaning each year or, at least, make the spring and fall cleanings much easier to manage.

Preventing a Fire Hazard

As debris does build up in a gutter system, the odds of the materials catching fire are higher. All it would take is the house next door to start blazing for a few stray sparks to land in the gutters, catch the debris on fire and have two homes on the block burning. If the guards are in place, and there is no collection of debris to catch fire, protecting the home by keeping the exterior hosed down will be much easier.

Reduce the Chances for Rust

The metal sections of a gutter system are more likely to rust due to exposure to the elements. Along with preventing larger pieces of debris from clogging the line, the guards protect the seams where the sections meet. The result is less of an opportunity for rust to develop.

For any homeowner who would like to learn more about gutter guards, Contact us today. A professional will come out and take a look at the existing system. Most gutters can be fitted with guards quickly and without a lot of expense.

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