Why Is It Important to Have Dental X-Rays in Del City OK?

Why Is It Important to Have Dental X-Rays in Del City OK?

There are many aspects to preventative dental care and one of the most important is X-rays. With Dental X-Rays in Del City OK, dentists can proactively protect their patients’ dental health. Knowing what to expect during the process is important for helping individuals feel confident in seeking their appointment.

Why Are Dental X-ays Important?

The dentist takes X-rays of their patient’s teeth because these films allow the dentist to see deep into the tooth tissues, something they could not view with the naked eye. When a dentist views their patient’s X-rays, they are able to view the entire inner portions of the tooth, including the roots.

Often, issues can begin to arise in the root area of the tooth and these cavities can be difficult to diagnose because the roots lie below the gum tissue. X-rays allow the dentist to find decay well before it begins to cause outward signs. Prompt treatment helps to prevent further damage from occurring or the decay from spreading.

What to Expect

Knowing what to expect from Dental X-Rays in Del City OK is essential for helping individuals to feel confident as they seek dental care. Most everyone who visits the dentist will need X-rays at some point. Most dentists recommend their patients have X-rays every two to three years to ensure their teeth are healthy.

Getting dental X-rays taken is not painful but can be slightly uncomfortable because of the way the films must be held in the mouth. Even with a full set of dental X-rays, the process is not lengthy and only takes around ten to fifteen minutes.

If a patient needs a panoramic X-ray taken, they will simply rest their chin on the machine and stand very still as the machine moves around them, taking a full X-ray view of the patient’s entire mouth. It is important the patient remains very still during the process so the X-rays come out clear.

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