Why is Peaberry Coffee in Kona is Often Sold at a Higher Price?

The smell of fresh coffee being brewed is sometimes the only thing that will convince a person that it is time to get out of bed. Coffee enthusiasts are the first to explain that different coffee beans are going to offer a different taste. Some prefer a bold taste while others prefer a lighter tough. Either way, coffee is coffee, right? According to some, Peaberry Coffee in Kona adds a completely new element to the coffee experience. This results in a higher cost. So what makes peaberry coffee different?

Peaberries are Single

Each coffee fruit is usually home to two green coffee beans. They grow up side by side and are extracted together. While this is true for a majority of coffee beans, there are exceptions. These exceptions are coffee fruits that only contain one bean. That bean is referred to as a peaberry. Coffee growers suggest that between five and ten percent of coffee fruits only have one coffee bean inside.

Peaberries Have a Different Shape and Size

Despite having all that extra room, the peaberries are a different shape and size than their twin coffee bean counterparts. They tend to be smaller, denser, and a little more rounded. They don’t have a flat side like the other coffee beans. Because they are different from the others, many believe that the have a completely different taste. This makes it easier to sell these coffee beans at a higher premium.

Peaberries Must be Sorted

Aside from the way peaberries grow and their overall look, in order to capture them, a grower must sort them. This can be a time-consuming task because it can’t be left up to a machine. The only way to pick these beans out from the others is by hand. The extra work that it takes to create Peaberry Coffee in Kona is part of the reason that it costs more than other types of coffee.

Is the peaberry coffee worth the extra money? Each coffee drinker must decide this for him or herself. Some immediately pick up on the different flavor and consider it distinct from some of the other options. Some really can’t tell the difference. If you are a peaberry coffee drinker, be sure to Visit the Website.

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