Why Purchase an Electronic Water Descaler

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Water Proofing

For those who have never stopped to think about it, lime build-up is not only gross to look at, but it also causes a variety of other problems. If you replace your water-using appliances more often than normal, or if your hair and skin feels dry and itchy, the most likely culprit is lime scale. Lime scale deposits cause damage to fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, boilers, and water heaters. Unfortunately, most systems installed to treat hard water neither remove or prevent lime scale at all. To get rid of lime scale easily and affordably, consider purchasing an electronic water descaler.

What Makes Them Great?

The absolute best thing about purchasing an electronic water descaler is that are maintenance free. There is no lugging around heavy bags of salt or running down to the basement several times per month to fill them up.  Filters and chemicals are also a thing of the past. An electronic water descaler is a treatment system that will not only prevent lime scale from occurring, it will also reduce maintenance and get rid of existing limescale.

Do They Soften Water?

No, not it the technical sense. Traditional water conditioning systems and various water softening systems make the water feel soft through the process of ion exchange. The minerals are replaced with two times the number of salt crystals. An electronic water descaler will make soaps lather well and the water feel softer, but without the slimy feeling which occurs in salt-based systems.

Is an Electronic Water Descaler Hard on the Environment?

Absolutely not. Chlorides are negatively charged ions that are formed when chlorine gains an electron, or when compounds such as hydrogen chloride are dissolved in polar solvents or water. No chemicals or salt are used so there are no chlorides being discharged into the waste stream. Keeping to a philosophy of “green” living is simple with an electronic water descaler.

What Else Is There to Know?

One notable thing to mention is that there is no loss of floor space when a descaler has been installed. Another consideration is the amount of money that will be saved by no longer needing to purchase salt, filters, and other related products as compared to the current method of water treatment. Nothing is removed from the water which is currently being used. Instead, by applying the laws of physics it is possible to keep bonding of elements from happening, resulting in no lime scale. Bathrooms and kitchens can be cleaned simply without the need for toxic chemicals.

The only thing that consumers have to lose by installing an electronic water descaler is problems with hard water and the time required to fix them. Getting water that is healthy for your family, pets, and the environment is no longer hard to do.

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