Why Restore a Classic Thunderbird?

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Automotive

If you love the look and feel of classic cars and want to own one, you are not alone. Millions of people young and old share this dream and if you get the chance to live this dream you are very lucky. Few things in life are more satisfying than slowly watching a beautiful car come back from the dead, and one of the most popular cars to restore is the classic Thunderbird. Why seek out Thunderbird parts suppliers and restore one of these amazing autos? Here are some important reasons why.

Rich History

Back in 1954, Ford Motor Company introduced a sports car to compete with General Motor’s Corvette (released in 1953) and European sports models. However, as far back as 1951, a few people at Ford were already working on a two-seater sports model project in secret.

Parts Availability

Everyone working on the T-bird project got together, and they decided to use as many parts from other Fords as possible. This was a good way to keep costs down and a reason why you can get some things from trusted Thunderbird parts suppliers like Concours Parts & Accessories at reasonable prices. For example, T-bird instrument housing and taillights came from large Ford vehicles. Early Thunderbirds have a Mercury V-8 engine and running gear from the Ford station wagon.

The 1954-57 T-Bird is Unique

Anyone looking at an early model T-bird up to and including the 1957 model, cannot help but be impressed. The ’56 and 57’ models have a most distinctive “porthole” type window in the rear side of the hardtop. Both hardtops and soft tops were available.

Be a Part of American 50s Culture

Once you decide to buy parts from trusted Thunderbird parts suppliers and begin restoration, your life is forever changed. You become part of a culture which is long-gone but never forgotten.

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