Why Telehandler Sales and Rentals Are Increasing?

Telehandlers are a versatile piece of construction equipment. They can feature a variety of attachments including standard carriages, pallet forks, grapple buckets, and truss booms. Whether your company specializes in residential or commercial construction, telescopic handlers are essential for success in the primary stages of most projects. Due to their frequent use, they may require repairs or replacement before other fleet equipment. When this occurs, business owners can opt to purchase new equipment or reap the benefits of a telehandler rental from Slaymaker Group.

Telehandlers Provide Convenient Digital Calculations

While telehandlers are capable of conquering a variety of terrains, they can become hazardous when their loads exceed the equipment’s ratings. Heavy loads that are placed on rooftops and other high spaces can easily result in accidents if the operator is not aware of the proper load limits. Modern telescopic handlers that are equipped with computers make it simple for the driver to know weight limits for various heights, boom extensions, and angles. This provides additional security for both the operator and the rest of the construction crew.

More Compact and Practical than Cranes

A telescopic handler allows you to get the job done without causing a great deal of inconvenience to others. This can be extremely beneficial in residential areas where space is limited. Using a truck-mounted crane for projects often results in traffic disruptions for either residential and commercial neighborhoods.

Offers Greater Flexibility

Some modern telehandlers are ideal for accessing high places where space is an issue. They allow the handle or crane of the machinery to rotate a full 360 degrees while the base remains firmly in place. This is a great advantage when turning space is severely limited. If you may be interested in upgrading to a model that offers this feature, Slaymaker Group has convenient rental terms that are ideal for extended or short-term use. This allows plenty of time to test drive the equipment before making a major purchase.

Extreme Carrying Capacity

Newer telehandler models are providing companies with more options, including greater carrying limits. A modern-style telehandler is typically able to carry more than a standard cherry picker or scissor lift. This allows workers to perform tasks quicker and more efficiently, saving small business owners both time and operating costs.

For more information on renting a telehandler for your construction or agricultural business, click here.

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